CAMEL Fab Equipment

The CAMEL Fab has a wide variety of equipment for student use. Students are trained in the proper use and safety of each tool by participating in the CAMEL Fab Safety and Training Program and always work under the supervision of faculty or trained lab attendants.

General Tools

Students have at their disposal a wide variety of hand tools, power tools, soldering equipment, and meters.


Students also have access to common woodworking equipment as well as a SawStop table saw for safety and Shopbot CNC Gantry Router for large intricate projects.


Metal machining can be done on the Webaco Manual Mill and Lathe, and also the Tormach CNC mill and Lathe.

Laser Cutter & Engraver

The Epilog Fusion laser cutter is available for student to cut and engrave wood, plastics and metal.  Watch the training videos.


Training is available for all the above tools as part of the CAMEL Fab Safety and Training Program.