First-Year Design Expo

Campbell School of Engineering incorporates a hands-on, project-based approach to engineering education. Our First-Year Design Sequence, ENGR 120 and 121, includes four separate projects, culminating with an open-ended first-year design project. Students learn the complete engineering design process, including a variety of professional engineering design tools such as formal brainstorming techniques, decision matrices, morphological charts, Gantt charts and competitive benchmarking. Each team of 3-4 students develops a working prototype, detailed poster and presentation.

Past projects have included:

  • cooling backpack
  • urban beehive designs
  • solar cell-phone charger
  • motion-activated pet water fountain
  • robust kayak cart
  • non-tipping pool koozie
  • no-spill automobile cup holder
  • cell phone case for boats, with cooling/solar charging/moisture-proof features
  • solar-powered toolbox with electrical outlets
  • hand drill safety sleeve
  • logo-imprinting toaster
  • retractable car roof for rain protection when entering/exiting a vehicle

The First-Year Design Expo provides an opportunity for regional employers, industry representatives, parents and the larger campus community to view Campbell Engineering majors’ impressive first-year capstone projects.