Engineering Shops

Engineering shops support the hands-on curriculum with training in state of the art tools in a safe environment. 


The Campbell Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory for Fabrication (CAMEL Fab) is located on the first floor of Carrie Rich Hall, this professional-grade metal and woodworking fabrication facility supports student projects from the freshman through the senior year. Capabilities include: 

  • CNC Milling Machine (Tormach PCNC 770) 
  • CNC Lathe (Tormach Slant Pro 15L) 
  • Manual Milling Machine (Wabeco F1200E) 
  • Manual Lathe (Wabeco D4000E) 
  • CNC Gantry Router (ShopBot) 
  • Laser cutter (Epsilon Fusion M2) 
  • Drill presses 
  • Band, miter, and table saws 
  • Sanding and grinding equipment 
  • Professional high-precision metrology (measurement) tools 
  • A large variety of hand tools and light power tools 


The CAMEL Fab 2 in the Engineering Annex houses larger manufacturing equipment.  With dedicated staff to assist student and faculty projects, the Fab 2 includes: 

  • Milling Machine (Acer E-Mill 3VS-II) 
  • Engine Lathe (Acer 1746G) 
  • Carbon-Fiber 3D Printer (Markforged X7) 
  • Welding equipment and plasma cutter 
  • Bandsaw, drill press, hydraulic press, metal brake
  • Hand and power tools

Senior Design

Seniors working on their year-long capstone design prototype have a dedicated space for work, collaboration and storage.  It is stocked with common hand and power tools and adjacent to the Fab 2 for large scale machining. 

Human Exploration Rover Team Shop 

Campbell Engineering students can participate in NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge and have a build space adjacent to the Fab 2 for fabrication and testing.


The CAMEL Fab Annex in the Engineering Annex holds the water jet and other metal working equipment. 

  • Water Jet (Flow Mach 3b) 
  • Metal Shear (National Sheet Metal NA512 5) 

All shops require instructor/lab manager/TA supervision and participation in the CAMEL Fab Safety and Training program.